RESEARCH LINE Instruments of Aid to Design and Construction
RESUME This project aims to study Intelligent Building-as-model Construct scenarios and applications.
State of the Art and objectives This project has the goal to investigate the expected function of the architect as a reflexive practitioner and simultaneously as a builder in the real scale of its concepts.
Methodology One of the tasks of this project is to debate the definition of Alberti`s function of modern architect activity, that, by the time of De Re Aedificatoria changed from a construction manager of the works to a thinker and expert of the Lineamenti as a method to achieve Concinnitas.
The methodology to develop this research will be one set by the use of new technologies that support AEC activities in order to allow strengthen the gap between the architectonic conceptual act and the building action.
Problematic and project development Is this new era of access to building materials and construction information allowing the architects to be self-builders of their concepts? In what extension is this possible? This project will do a research on the history of the architect as builder and as well will be focused in built real artifacts as real building components with use of different technics both analogic and physical.
Evaluation and diffusion data Exposing in a public museum different models and physical artifacts produced. Results will be shared with the community by paper presented in conference and published in journals (preferentially open access editions).
COORDINATOR Filipe Coutinho Quaresma
TEAM (at LEAU) Mario Kruger
TEAM (external to LEAU) José Duarte (Penn State)
PARTNERS Robosavvy, Microsoft, Pronum, GRAPHISOFT, Mármores Pardal, ETMA
RESULTS (achieved or expected) Paper in journal and conference. Outcome exhibition in a public museum
PROJECT BEGINNING (expected date)
PROJECT CONCLUSION (expected date)