Protagonists of modern architecture in Portugal

Project Title

  • Protagonists of modern architecture in Portugal
  • Theory, History and Heritage of architecture

Research Line

  • Planning, Territory and Society
  • Instruments of Aid to Design and Construction

State of the Art and objectives

By raising, mapping and communicating some of the protagonist works considered paradigmatic, through PhD thesis and research readings as for example about Group ODAM de Rosa from Edite (2006), Ruy Athoughia, from Correia, Graça(2006) ,Grupo Austral from Fuzs Gonçalo (2012) or lectures as Una cartografía razonada from Guirao, Cristina Gastón (2016), among others.

The objective is to research answers to the problematic of the modern Portuguese identity.


Survey of paradigmatic cases, followed by research and communication activities such as conferences, exhibitions and publication.

Problematic and project development

The development is supported on the enunciation of concepts, spaces, forms, materializations, methods and languages on the discourses of modern architecture in Portugal.

The Problematic stands on the determination of possible identification of a specific modern architectural culture in Portugal formed through a critical judgment relationship between the collective theory of modern Portuguese and the singular practices realized by paradigmatic protagonists.

Evaluation and diffusion data

To research modern architecture in Portugal. The activities also pretend to assist researchers studies, PhD Students, and public in general on modern architecture in Portugal. Also to diffuse Portuguese modern architecture abroad.


Edite Rosa, ULP

Team (at LEAU)

Graça Correia ULP, Lígia Nunes, ULP

Team (external to LEAU)

Cristina Gastón
ETSAB-UPC, Barcelona
Oscar Fuertes Dopico
ETSAC-UC Corunha, Galiza
Gonzalo Fuzs
ETSAB-UPC Córdoba, Argentina
Joaquim Almeida
Alex Dill
KIT-Karlsruhe Alemanha
Pablo Gallego Picard
Gonzalo Benavides


Funding (entities)

Results (achieved or expected)

Project Beginning (expected date)


Project Conclusion (expected date)