Suffolk – Lisboa complex shore-terrain

Project Title

  • Suffolk – Lisboa complex shore-terrain
  • Theory, History and Heritage of architecture

Research Line

  • Planning, Territory and Society
  • Instruments of Aid to Design and Construction


Brownfield sites refer to previously developed stretches of land that were used for industrial and commercial purposes. These sites are either empty or contain derelict structures, and they are often contaminated by the activities that once took place there.

Today there is an increasing interest in the redevelopment of brownfield land, especially in regions where the demand for residential and commercial property is high. In the UK, the government has started to compile a register of brownfield sites with the intention to identify potential areas suitable for redevelopment.

This research proposal focuses on the broader contexts of Ipswich and Lisbon, two cities that share common topographical and urban characteristics. Both cities have developed around the mouths of rivers thus owing their development largely to them. Also both cities have a significant industrial past and this is confirmed by their distinct industrial heritage. Yet both cities contain a large number of brownfield sites, which in both cases are not fully explored and evaluated accordingly.

Our research proposal considers brownfield sites as sites of pure potentiality where their state of emptiness or derelict structures relate back to their industrial past. Their contamination is equally informative as it functions as intangible heritage that links to past industrial processes.

State of the Art and objectives

This proposal aims at identifying, mapping and analysing brownfield sites found in the broader regions of Lisbon and Ipswich.

The analysis will consider the tangible and intangible heritage found on these sites, and take it into consideration in the design proposal.

The design proposals will deal with architectural and urban interventions on various scales leading to the construction of 1:1 architectural artefacts.

Problematic and project development

Contribute of a cross dialogue between different modus operandis of design cultures

Evaluation and diffusion data

Evaluation based in grades scales. Projects will be published in both Suffolk University and ULHT magazines


Prof. Filipe Coutinho Quaresma PhD and Prof. Stamatis Zografos PhD

Team (at LEAU)

To be defined

Team (external to LEAU)

To be defined


To be defined

Funding (entities)

To be defined

Results (achieved or expected)

Projects will be published in both Suffolk University and ULHT magazines

Project Beginning (expected date)

May 2018

Project Conclusion (expected date)

June 2018