Water Front Challenges

Project Title

Water Front Challenges

Research Line

Planning, Territory and Society

State of the Art and objectives


Quality of Urban design and sustainable development in the interconnection of the boundary territory and its connection with the maritime elements.

Conservation and rehabilitation of existing patrimony in these areas. Architecture in waterfront corresponds to the urban design theme, public spaces, building typology, layout and, in particular, structure and general urban form.

As orientation, this study has two simultaneous and complementary aspects: to organize concepts related to the continuous transformation and consolidation of the urban fabric along water lines.

To study the relation of the evolution of the city from the historical and geographic point of view in this transition between water and the earth.

We intend to bring together instruments that make possible the construction of a theoretical support related to architecture and urban design projects in the reconfiguration of the boundary and its cross-linking to the urban environment.



Orientation of theses of Integrated Masters and PhD with thematic related to the research project. National and international workshops. Development of research projects.

Problematic and project development

What is happening?

The margins that determine the limits of urban spaces of large urban centers or small urban centers or intermediate spaces of connection present today a treatment little elaborated with a weak interconnection to the existing urban zone as well as to the maritime elements.

Climate change is another factor that is determining many of the changes in waterfront territories, their existence and their future.

The artificial territory that separates the two areas is in disarray which presents great challenges.

Evaluation and diffusion data

It is expected that the activity developed through these initiatives will generate and frame a systematic scientific project so as to be able to involve more teachers and students. The participation in the workshops publications and investigations as well as national and international competitions relate the team in multidisciplinary knowledge of fields.


Pedro Ressano Garcia

Team (at LEAU)

  • Pedro Ressano Garcia
  • Cláudia Oliveira
  • Fernando Cruz
  • Maria Rita
  • António Santa Rita
  • Flávio Lopes
  • Mohammed Boubezari
  • Filipa Antunes
  • Hugo Nazareth

Team (external to LEAU)

  • Irene Curulli
  • Lucyna Nika


Technische Universiteit Eindhoven
Politechnika Gdanska
Zachodniopomorski Uniwersytet Technologiczny W Szczecinie | Zut
HafenCity University Hamburg
University of California at Berkeley
Aristotle University of Thessaloniki-Faculty of Engineering-School of Architecture, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki-Faculty of Engineering-School of Architecture
Architectural Association, Graduate School
Politecnico di Milano, Facoltà di Architettua e Società DIAP – Dipartimento di Architettura e Pianificazione
Gazi University, Ankara
Department of Architecture, TOBB-University, Ankara
UL Fakulteta za arhitekturo, Ljubljana
Department of Architecture, Leopold-Franzens-Universitat Innsbruck

Funding (entities)

Horizonte 2020

Results (achieved or expected)

  1. Architecture and Climate Change, Strategies in Waterfront Urban Areas a realização e publicação (em preparação) da summer school (Junho 2017) desenvolvido em parceria com Universidades estrangeiras e com o patrocínio da Câmara Municipal de Oeiras.
    Preparação da publicação dos resultados em parceria com as instituições participantes, em curso.
  2. Tagus Mouth join studio DAU + UNSW, (novembro 2017)
    em parceria University New South Wales, Sidney com participação das Câmaras Municipais de Oeiras e Almada.
    Publicação dos resultados em parceria com UNSW, em curso.
  3. Conferência — Debate Frente Ribeirinha de Lisboa, Visão a Trinta Anos: Alterações Climáticas e Horizonte Estratégico @ MAAT, 19 Junho 2017, protocolo assinado DAU + MAAT
  4. Lançamento do livro Waterfront Migrations – Cascais de natureza científica apresenta os resultados da sexta edição do workshop internacional EWWUD – European Workshop in Waterfront and Urban Design, um evento organizado pelo DAU-ULHT patrocinado pela Câmara Municipal de Cascais. ISBN 978-989-757-056-8
  5. Conferência — 54th ISOCARP International Congress: Cool Planning: Changing Climate and Our Urban Future, Bodø, Noruega, 1-5 October 2018

Comunicação na Conferência (ID: 136) dentro da área Track 2. SPOTLIGHT CITIES: Planning for Coastal Cities, Remote Towns, and High North Cities.

Apresentação do artigo : “S.O.S. – sustainable open solutions to climate waterfront” (com ISBN number publication in Thomson Reuters Web of Science Conference Proceedings Citation Index, or published in a special issue of Cities Journal (Elsevier) or published in a special issue of the International Journal of E-Planning Research (IGI-Global))

Project Beginning (expected date)


Project Conclusion (expected date)